Wednesday, June 14, 2006

wedding countdown

So i'm back in the province for a couple of days for my cousin's wedding.

The good notes of this whole shebang? Aside from the leave (yey), i get to regroup and reconnect with my cousins, as well as their friends (who agree to help out). I also get to meet the newer members of the clan (younger cousins i have yet to introduce myself to), as well as get to chill with friends in between. Oh yes, and my dress. hahahah.

Haay, naku.

Now what? I've gone through so much the past few hours it's so hard to begin. By this time, half of my relatives from my mom's side has come forth and started what i call the pre-reunion reunion. That means my aunts and uncles from outside the province have started to arrive, and yes, everybody's being briefed about the upcoming event, from the Ilonggo dinner we'll all be having the day before the nuptials, to the event itself. I still have to settle a score with my aunt (the bride's mom) regarding my dress (i didn't follow the orange dress code, see). Plus, the coordination with the program (that's my cue) and our parts in the mass are meticulously monitored to be perfection by my aunts. Oh, the pressure... The body count? So far, it's 8 auncles and aunts(not counting the spouses) and 16 cousins (first cousins). And this is just the girl's mom's family, this is not counting the father's side :-P There's still the remaining bros and sis coming by friday, as well as the groom's family heading down here. Haaaaay, dios me. I feel like a huge baranggay fiesta is coming up this Saturday.

I wonder how i'll survive this....

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